Every new business requires an initial investment to get started and flourished ahead. A small business loan is a working capital mortgage for all startup businesses. It helps new businesses to get established and stand up on their own.

Paradigm Funding merchant cash advance and small business loan lend investment loans to small and medium-sized businesses to help them financially. We offer multiple business loans to multiple niche industries such as manufacturing, medical, retail, wholesale, transportation, services, restaurants, construction, auto, and many more, etc.


We offer customized and personalized business loans to small and medium-sized business according to their loan requirements. We offer various kinds of loans, for instance, debt financing loan, term loans, equipment loans, microloans, SBA loans, commercial mortgage loans, a business line of credit, and merchant cash advance.

All these small business loans require a credible and trustworthy credit score history and quick repayment. The credit score history plays a key role in determining the stable financial position for the repayment of the loan amount in a certain period.

The loan borrower and a lender must be agreed on the proper terms of the loan with lower rate of interest. The S.M.B Companies must show their proper verified status with their personal background record, business plan, income tax returns, bank statements, and legal documents for a proof.

Why Choose Paradigm Funding for Small Business Loans?

Paradigm Funding is a reputed and trustworthy name in lending capital investment loans to small medium-sized enterprises. We offer merchant cash advance to businesses that is a future payment approach and enables a business to make later payments with its credit card or debit card sales.

It provides a convenient and quick repayment method for borrowers to pay back the amount in a fraction of amount on a daily basis. It is a flexible mode of payment of a loan that gives less burden to small businesses and allows them to pay back the amount as soon as possible. You can click to Get Cash Now and avail this great opportunity to expand your small business. We provide the best small business loans and funding services all over in the USA.


Manufacturing Small Business Loans

Paradigm Funding offers small business loans for manufacturing industries. We are aware of the fact that running a manufacturing business is not an easy job. It requires immense capital and investment for manufacturing a product from raw material to the end product in the market.

We offer business loans for manufacturing companies that help them purchase new materials, expand the equipment, and upgrade the technology for flourishing business in the long run. It also requires having inventory purchase, payroll management, and hiring of skilled labor for better productivity and increased profit for the business.

Medical Small Business Loans

We offer easy and efficient capital investment loans for the medical industry. It helps purchase new medical equipment. Paradigm Funding offers small business loans for medical and medical services. Paradigm funding is a trustworthy, reliable and credible source of small business loans. Our small business loans and much customized and cater to every need of medical practitioners and doctors.

Retail Small Business Loans

Paradigm funding offers Retail Small Business Loans. It is the best small business loan for retail business. As in every retail business, there needs ample amount of cash and money. We fulfill the needs of small business owners in retail industry to provide them instant and fast cash.  Our retail line of credit is much beneficial for shopkeepers and small business entrepreneurs. They can easily manage their finances, purchase inventory and expand their small business.

Wholesale Small Business Loans

Paradigm funding whole sale small business loans are specifically designed to cater the needs of whole sale buyers and suppliers. It becomes easier for them to get right amount of cash which are needed to run their small business much smoothly. Through our wholesale small business loans the small business can get instant funding and credits for purchasing inventory, supply chain and warehousing, marketing, advertising and small business promotion.

Transportation Small Business Loans


Small business loans for transportation are perfect for transport companies who need hard cash flow for smooth running of their transportation business. They can buy oil, petrol, and diesel and cover all the overhead expenditures usually incurred in. This national funding for transportation small business aids in purchasing new vehicles, damages and accidents and oil charges.

Restaurants Small Business Loans


Restaurants and food business always need sufficient cash for hiring new chefs, marketing, branding and reputation management, food quality standards and premises. We cover all the expenditures and make you feel free.

Construction Small Business Loans

In construction, business money has much importance. We provide a sufficient line of credit and funding for Small builders and developers who need money and cash to complete the construction projects.

Autos Small Business Loans

Paradigm Funding offers best autos small business loans. This small business loans for autos are really much beneficial for people who wish to buy expensive cars but they do not have ample money to purchase it. We fulfill their earnest desires by giving them an opportunity to get a small business auto loan for car financing and get your favorite car without any hassle.

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